New Flash Fiction

A couple of days ago I wrote a little piece of flash fiction, After the Singularity that encapsulates a different view of AI (and makes no mention of the large language models we’ve all heard too much about of late).

I wanted to make the story exclusive to my newsletter subscribers, but all the alternatives for that had problems, fatal limitations, or were out of my budget (US$100/month? No way!)

For a while there everyone was repeating the mantra “learn to code, everybody needs to know how to code to be successful”. There’s a lot of fallacy to that, not the least of which learning to code anything that’s not trivial well takes a lot of time and experience. “Be familiar with code” is a much better version.

The other thing is that once you have that experience, every problem starts to look like an application. And every application still takes five times more effort to do well than initially expected.

And so it is with my exclusive content. It seems like an easy enough thing to code, but while you’re doing it, you think of a feature, and then another, and another… Next thing you know, you’re firing up your favourite framework and building a real application.

But it’s working. At least well enough to release and cross my fingers. So for your exclusive copy of After the Singularity, sign up to my mailing list and just like magic, the link will arrive in your mailbox a few minutes later!