My work is diverse, my oeuvre small, thus I find it difficult to find a single expression for it. If there is a common element, it is an exploration of our relationship with technology. I am fascinated with both sides of this relationship: the way technology defines and shapes society, and with how we honour it, employ it, abandon it. I focus on architecture, disuse and decay, urban spaces, communications, and the novel use of algorithms in the creative process.
The bulk of my commercial work is has been in software, with a focus on open source projects*. In more traditional media, most of my work is photographic. I have also worked with glass, acrylic, 3-D printing, and ray tracing.

* I suggest that good software is truly an art form in itself, that is is both functional poetry and an architectural form. Yet it is an arcane form. The only aspect available for general appreciation is the visible output (if any exists), and that output often does not correlate with the artfulness of the code that produced it. Nonetheless in the unlikely event that I post any code here, it will be to elaborate part of a process of generating a more traditional work.