Under Construction

Responsible for some of the most inefficient, bloated websites on the planet, WordPress is to web design what Windows is to operating systems — popular well beyond what it deserves.

That’s before you get to the themes. These albatrosses, glorified page makers grafted onto the WP core, defeat the original purpose of content management systems. What do you get from this ungodly union? Dreamweaver with a massive database and Pagespeed scores of 28.
UPDATE: I’ve found a reasonably capable out of the box, lightweight theme that might help with that.

You also get a system where someone with good design skills can build beautiful, fragile sites that everyone loves.

I don’t have great graphic design skills. Looking at the code these things generate makes me queasy. But building something fast, efficient, lightweight, and responsive still takes a lot of hard work. Too much work to be practical.

So here you have it, the genesis of an updated site built on bloody WordPress.